Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sometimes you just go "wow I made it".

When doing a trip like this there seem to be defining moments when you realize what you have accomplished. I was struck by this feeling again while standing on top of Sugar Loaf Mountain over looking Rio De Janeiro.

Sugar Loaf in the distance
I have seen many pictures of this famous landmark and realized "Hey you drove all the way here on a motorcycle" how cool is that!


It was apparent that Rio like any large city struggles with pollution from smog. There was no wind the day I visited and the smog just hung in the air like a blanket of poison over the city.

Copacabana beach in the distance

The famous Christ the Redeemer statue over looking the city of Rio.

Sugar Loaf is also considered a wildlife park consisting of many different animals.

I still get a kick out of how these guys can blend into their environment.

Never got the name but these guys are as cute as hell 

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