Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Living a guys dream....... I think?

To me the speed limit system found in Argentina makes complete sense. Depending on what you drive dictates the level of speed. The highway itself was flat and straight through farmland.  Hmmmmm......sounds to me like the Trans Canada highway! Come on Canada get your shit together and stop making us drive 100 kph through the prairies. 

I also took it that since there was no picture of a motorcycle, we could go what ever speed we wanted:)

Well, I think I am living most guys dreams. Who could want more than living in the back of a motorcycle shop with your bike. There is something peaceful and comforting knowing your bike is close by as you sleep.

Dakar Motos has set up a room with a kitchen and bunk beds for travellers passing through (nothing fancy but it works). I will be here for a few weeks arranging stuff  for Australia (Carnet de Passage) until my sister arrives for a visit. 
Then I guess I have to step up my accommodation level a bit. I don't think she would be too impressed with me if I made her sleep in the back of a motorcycle shop. 

Dakar Motos (Javier & Sandra) are pretty much the go-to for help in arranging the shipping of your bike in or out of Argentina. I will be back here in November after my run South to Usuahia. Sandra will then help with the final arrangements to ship my bike to Australia. As you can see by the decals from around the world. I am far from the only person who has enjoyed there hospitality. 

As far as posting goes over the next few weeks there will be none. I will be saving all the sites of Buenos Aries and Uruguay for my sisters arrival. I will be sure to post all the cool stuff we see while she is here.

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