Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Country # 15 (Bolivia)

I am glad I am flexible in my plans (actually I really don't have any), because things seem to change unexpectedly when on the road. The morning I was preparing to leave Arequipa for Copacabana, Bolivia I noticed Fred had a wound. He was leaking oil from the left front fork seal.  

Now I had a few decisions to make because I had to be out of Peru before my customs for the bike expired. If you do not exit with your bike in time they can confiscate it.

  1. Do I try and get it fixed in time in Arequipa with no Triumph dealer and hope they have the proper seal
  2. Do I dead head to the new dealership in Santa Cruz Bolivia and skip a few of the scenic spots I wanted to see.

Well I decided to make a run for the border and hoped Fred makes the 1400 km to Santa Cruz. Because of this I do not have a lot to report on the city of La Paz since I stayed there only one night and did not arrive until late at night. All I can tell you about the city is it is the countries capital and sits at an elevation of around 3300m with a population of 2.5 million. 

La Paz

After leaving La Paz, the second night found me in the city of Cochabamba. The climate could not be any more different. After driving over the altiplano for the past month it was a great relief to find my self in subtropical temperatures again. 


My final destination was the city of Santa Cruz del sierra and I did make it safe and sound. I hate driving long hours on the bike, but felt Fred's health was of utmost important. One thing for sure is Bolivia does have some of the worst roads I have driven on.

 If they are not gravel the asphalt portions are deeply rutted from heavy truck traffic. It seems whatever base they used to build the roads is just not handling the weight of the vehicles.

The below picture shows what parts of the highway are made of. Prior to ashpalt I guess the main roads were paved with stones. This makes for very slow going and takes a distance that should be covered in one hour turn into two.

So even with three days of 8 hour rides who really cares because I am in another new country.


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