Sunday, May 12, 2013

Santa Cruz de la Sierra

Central Plaza 24 de Septiembre
Santa Cruz de la Sierra was a surprise based on how modern the city was. It is not the capital of Bolivia  yet it is larger than La Paz and growing. Most of this is attributed to the natural resources and agriculture in the area. It is also interesting to note that the locals here consider themselves more Brazilian than Bolivian.

Odd Architecture
Being a city with all the amenities I wanted to take full advantage of this and do some house keeping. First I dropped the bike off at the new Triumph dealership to have the front fork seal replaced. Then I needed to visit the Brazil consulate to arrange for a visa.
(Brazil is the first country as a Canadian that I need a visa to enter) 

The process was pretty straight forward but it still took two days to arrange the paper work. I will have my visa in 3 days and it only cost $65 US which is far cheaper and faster than arranging it back home.

You can always find coffee vendors walking around ready to serve up a fresh cup. 
As always my favourite spot to hang is the plaza. I love to sit and read or just people watch. I have also had some very interesting conversations with locals while sitting on a park bench. 

A great night of food, drinks and conversation.
As fate would have it I ended up meeting Georg and a few other adventure riders in Santa Cruz. Some may remember that Georg and I rode together for over a month through several countries in Central America way back in Sept/Oct 2012.

17mm Hex Key
Another great reason why I needed to be in a big city. I was able to find the infamous tool I needed to remove my front tire back in Peru. Still think this is a major oversight by Triumph to not include some type of tool to able to remove the front tire. 

Triumph Bolivia
The hospitality of Eduardo and his Triumph dealership has been above and beyond. Eduardo was having friends over after work on a Friday for beers and a BBQ and invited me to come by.

What all BBQ's should look like.
Can you say heaven!
What more can a man need than motorcycles, beer and good BBQ.

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