Saturday, May 4, 2013

Arequipa (Peru)

Arequipa is another vibrant city in the south of Peru. 

It has a great centre square called the Plaza de Armas with old colonial buildings and walking streets lined with shops.  I preferred Arequipa over Cusco as it was far less tourist centred with people trying to sell you tours.

As always the extremes in the difference of one day in my travels is crazy. One night I am sleeping in a sheep herders house in the Andes and the next day I am sipping coffee at a Starbucks. I realize that I enjoy the contrast, but I can only take each one for a short period then I long for the other.

I set out again to find the local mercado and was not disappointed. The colours and liveliness of the market is exciting. This is where the action happens and it is usually divided into sections of produce, clothing, meats and seafood etc. 

For my more sensitive readers I opted out of taking pictures of the meat section where you can find such things as Alpaca, llama and other no describable meats.

One of the other best reasons to go to the local mercado is the food. In the food section there are always vendors selling fresh food and drink. Here I had a great plate of roasted pork with potatoes and salad for $4.

As with the other sections the food section is divided into food and drink. There are rows of stalls where they will blend you fresh fruit drinks. 

All you need to do is pull up a chair and enjoy!

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