Monday, February 11, 2013

The highway to Cuenca (now you see it now you don't)

After a night in Puyo visiting I was now on my way to the city of Cuenca. 

I was pleasently surprised as I was treated too a beautiful twisty highway that ran through the edge of Amazonia.

Rain forest as far as the eye can see

I did a quick calculation before leaving of the distance and figured a little over 300km should take me 6hrs on the highway that I thought was going to be paved all the way. You need to remember that even when paved the going is slow due to the amount of turns and other various obstacles.

The first 200km were as planned when all of a sudden the highway ended and it looked like I would be  doing mud and gravel for the last 100km up and through the Andes (damn mountains are everywhere).

The adventure and some of the best views come from the paths least taken. So what if it took me a few more hours than planned. Here I found myself in the cloud forest once again at an elevation of approximately 3600 meters.

Nobody around for miles and miles. 

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