Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Cuenca and Carnival

Well I arrived Thursday night will a little worry that I would not be able to find a hotel. Everywhere I went the past few days I was told that all cities and towns are booked up for carnival. 

Carnival starts four days before Ash wednesday and is supposed to be a big celebration of music and dance. (think Brazil)

Party foam and flour
When I arrived after checking in I went straight to the city centre to see the festivities. I was not disappointed as the streets were crowded. It seems the tradition is to spray water, flower and foam on people. The majority of the people were covered in one or the other. Unfortunately after that night the big party I was expecting never happend? So much for the big hype, I guess I should really try to be in Brazil to gain the real experience.

The city of Cuenca itself is a traditional colonial city spread-out in the mountains

City Hall

It seems that someone sent out a brochure to the USA that this is a great place to live  as I was surprised at all the expats living here.

Flowers are a big export of Ecuador and fresh flowers can be found around town on a daily basis.

And finally one of the great things I love about all these countries is that if it has wheels you can probably licence it for the street.

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