Friday, February 15, 2013

Las Cajas National Park, Ecuador

All pumped up today as Fred and I broke a new altitude record! We broke the 4000 meter mark with a not to shabby 4160 meters or 13,648 foot climb into the Andes with a trek through Las Cajas national park. 

Due to the altitude you are above the tree line, so the scenery resembles more of a tundra look. 

Coming back down to the tree line and cloud forest.

It was a day full of surprises as I saw my first Llamas that were not part of a zoo. Now I can't wait and get to Peru as I could use one of their pelts for a seat cover. I am told a piece of Llama or sheep skin works great to help prevent sore ass syndrome from long rides.

These two were play fighting on the road (that's what we will call it for the younger crowd).

So let's review what can happen all in one day. You can be in the Andes in the morning breaking a new altitude record while watching Llamas. Than 3 hours later find yourself near sea level driving through banana plantations.

Hard to see in the picture but they move bananas from one side of the road to another on a hanging conveyor system. they just pull it apart when a car comes similar to a draw bridge.

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