Sunday, January 20, 2013

El Penol (The Stone)

One of the reasons I wanted to come to Medellin was due to its relative closeness to El Penol. I read about it prior to arriving and new I wanted to see this anomaly in the surrounding landscape.

El Penol is located about 1.5 hours Northeast of  Medellin just outside of the appropriately named town of El Penol.

The area was flooded in the past to create a reservoir and now has become a popular weekend destination for Medellin. It is similar to cabin country back home with marinas and homes throughout the waterway.

The unique thing about  El Penol is it is nothing like the surrounding area? It is just one big stone in the middle of rolling clay based land. 

To turn it into a popular tourist destination they laboured to create 649 steps out of concrete for anyone to climb for an amazing view. You have to feel for the labourers that carried all the cement and water to create these steps.

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