Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Cocaine Capital

As beautiful as the city is it is hard to hide the history of drugs and violence associated with Medellin. Throughout the 80's and 90's it was the headquarters for the Medellin drug cartel ran by the infamous Pablo Escobar. 

Pablo Escobar was murdered a day after his 40th birthday when it was discovered that he was hiding out at his aunts house . He was gunned down when trying to escape through the back window. Pablo was being hunted by many groups, all of who laid claim to being responsible for finally finding out his whereabouts .

At one time Pablo owned over 500 properties within Colombia all of which remain empty to this day even though 20 years has passed. All his buildings were white to represent the colour of cocaine. 

The drug traffic in Colombia is still prevalent but is no longer under the control of the cartel. The control has shifted to the paramilitary groups within the country and into the hills of the Darien Gap. 

There is another grave of note near Pablo Escobar and that is of Griselda Blanco  (otherwise know as The Cocaine Godmother). If Pablo Escobar was the king of the Medellin Cartel she was the queen. If you google her name you will see she was one of the most ruthless women in the drug cartel. She was also called by the name of the Blackwidow as she had a habit of killing her husbands.

Medellin of today is a far contrast from  the past, the streets are now lined with cafe's, shops and a constant hive of activity. It has quickly become my favourite city to date, and by the look of all the foreigners making it their new home I am not alone in this feeling.

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