Wednesday, January 16, 2013

You can see what I see.

Sometimes it's hard to explain some of the things I see each and everyday while crossing a country. Whether it is the people or scenery, each day brings on a new experience. 

I decided to post some random pictures from across Colombia to give you a feel of what may pass by my eyes on any given day.


The Working People

The Medellin Metro Train Station links the city from North to South

At the north end of the city the Metro Train connects to the  Metro Cable

The purpose of the Metro Cable was to provide a link for the people of the barrios to come from the hillside into the city to work. 

I am currently staying in the Zona Rosa neighbourhood within the financial district. The area is lined with bars restaurants and cafes and is the playground of Meddellin's more affluent . When you take the cable car over the barrios you see with your own eyes the difference between the upper and lower class which is absolutely staggering.

And finally you just see some plane odd things. 

I guess vanity is prevalent throughout the world! If anyone wants me to order them a his and hers girdle set just let me know. 

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