Monday, December 17, 2012

Get me to dry land!

After the Carti Island things kind of turned for the worse on the high seas. For the next few days we ran into some of the worst seas with 15 to 20 foot swells hammering the boat. 

I was lucking enough to take dramamine ahead of time to prevent any damage, but that could not be said for all. To make matters worse we had an engine faliure that put us a drift at sea for 8 hours leading to an extra night on the boat as we chugged into Colombia at a whopping 6 knots. 

Can't read or eat with the rough seas, so just chill'n listening to tunes and trying not to get sick.
But when we did eat the food was spectacular

Fresh crab and lobster brought to the boat
Now if you thought I was nervous loading the bike onto the ship, the removal in Cartagena, Colombia was even crazier. This time we would not be loading the bikes from the ship to a dock, but instead into a dingy and then balancing the bikes by sitting on them while driving the through the harbour. 

See Fred's maiden voyage under my videos

No crane here just good old manual labour to hoist the bike onto the dock.

Even though the bikes were covered, after six days at sea they were in badly need of a wash to remove all the salt spray that had accumulated.

Now tell me where can you get your bikes washed and drink beer at the same time while waiting. Definitely not back home! These countries have it so right when it comes to living life.

L to R Carlos from Colombia, Dylan from Chicago and myself

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