Friday, December 14, 2012

A night to remember

Welcome to the Carti Islands a chain of 365 tropical islands off the coast of Panama owened by the Kuna people.  Of the 365 islands 49 are currently inhabited and are separate from Panama in the ways of religion, government and law.

Originally we thought we were to stay on the boat for the first night, but were surprised with the offer to stay in an actual Kuna village for the night. This turned out to be the most revealing look into the ways of a culture I have had to date.

Our host family for the night

Our sleeping quarters for the night which ended up not allowing for any sleep. If you think you can sleep 8 plus hours in a hamock bent like a pretzal good luck. Plus it happened to be Dias de la Madre (mothers day) which found the locals walking around the island singing until sunrise. Remember these walls are made of bamboo sticks tied together so sound proofing does not exsist.

Our washrooms for the night proved to be the most interesting of all. As they say on the island the fish eat what you produce, just not paper. 

600 people live on this tiny island

The following night we stopped off at another island to have few drinks and a beach barbecue.

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