Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas in Venezuela

With the other two of our mates from team Venezuela already gone Paul and I decided to stay for Christmas prior to heading back into Colombia. But before we left we knew our Christmas dinner would not be complete unless we tried a traditional Venezuelan holiday feast.

The traditional Venezuelan Christmas dinner is called Hayaca. It consisted of: potato salad; slice of beef with gravy; a sandwich roll with ham, cheese and raisons. And finally a beef (similar to ground beef) wrapped in a ground corn base.

All in all not to bad

Spiced apples for dessert

I will admit I had a love hate for Venezuela. The country had some great scenery, but the traffic and the way the drivers drove (without regards to life) actually got to me. 

I guess a big part of it was because I was hit twice while in Venezuela. The first time while in a line up of cars waiting to go over a potholed area. The truck behind me decided to give me a nudge and I do not know if it was on purpose or just a lack  of attention I saw so often.

 The second time while sitting waiting in line for fuel a truck decide (once again due to impatience and lack of attention/driving skills) to nudge ahead a actually nocked me and the bike over. 

In both cases I was standing still and no damage was done, but I had enough by then. Even after all that  I am glad I went and I do want to leave the country on a positive note so here are some random pictures.

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