Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas in the Andes Mountains

Climbing into the world famous Andes for the very first time was very exciting. Four hundred kilometres of the northern most part of the Andes can be found in Venezuela. 

Since the Andes pretty much run the length of South America I will be crossing over them numerous times in my future travels.

The route was spectacular as you passed through the clouds and above the tree line.

The mountain had a very different feel to it compared to the Savannahs I had just left. Not only did I go from 101 degrees in the morning to 49 degrees by afternoon. But the houses, landscape, music and people were different. 

It felt like l just entered the twilight zone leaving one world and entering another on the other side of the clouds.

Even with the rain and cold the views at 3800m or 12,467 feet were spectacular.

Welcome to the town of Merida where I will be spending Christmas. The town sits at around 1537m (5045 feet) which gives it a very comfortable climate.

Few out my hotel window for the next few days

The town does seem to have the holiday spirit.

The markets have been crazy busy with everyone picking up last minute gifts.

Fresh spices with the most vibrant colours

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