Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Back in the saddle again

Since leaving Venezuela boxing day things have been interesting to say the least. The first indication that the fun was just beginning was when we arrived at the Venezuela/Colombian border. 

The Cucuta border was absolutly nuts with thousands of people trying to get in or out of Colombia and Venezuela.  Now there is no one to fault but ourselves for trying to go through a border on a holiday weekend Saturday. 

When we arrived it was decided that I would watch the bikes first while Paul went through the mile long line. But after half an hour I decide to join Paul and that’s when the fun began. After another half hour of waiting we finally made it to the front of the line. That is when all of a sudden an immigration officer said we had to go back to the end of the line. 


 According to him he would not be letting us through because someone said we cut in line, even though we were in line for a hour and Paul did start at the very back. I just joined him halfway through. 

So now we have a stand off because we were not going to go all the way back and start over. So we refused to move and the immigration officer refused to let us pass. 

 Now during this confrontation with the officer there were literally hundreds of people in line who saw us wait. So here is where I put a big shout out to the people of Colombia. Because they started yelling and shouting at the immigration officer to let us through. I do not know what  the majority of them were saying but it was obvious that they were on our side and pissed at the immigration officer. So after 10 minutes of being yelled at by a mob of Colombians the immigration officer had to back down and let us through. 

Thank you Colombia.

After leaving the border we made tracks to the mountain town of Pamplona to spend New Years Eve. We figured it would be a nice little town to celebrate in NOT!

As cute as the town was there was a complete lack of New years Eve celebrations so we ended up drinking beer and watching TV in our room. 

Now the below picture is exactly why I have the inscription of "No Expectations" as part of my tattoo. When you travel like this you have to expect the unexpected and deal with what you get. This type of adventure travel is far off the beaten track of a 5 star all inclusive resort.

This beauty of a bathroom was the classic all in one toilet and shower. Notice the toilet seat is not there, you may think it is missing but sometimes they just do not supply them. 

Yup I am living the dream people, living the dream.

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