Sunday, November 18, 2012

What the hell is with the Radar!

I have not seen radar since I left over five months ago and in one day I have seen over twenty radar stops and was stopped personally twice! I will attribute this due to the fact that I have not really travelled the famous PanAmerican highway until now.

This truck was nabbed at 112kph in a 80 zone
I guess being pulled over twice for speeding was their way of saying welcome to Panama! Even though  this highway is four lanes it is set up to generate revenue. The posted speed limit for its majority is only 80 kph. The first time I was pulled over I was travelling 89 kph in an 80 zone and the second time 57 kph in a 50 zone. Far from what I consider speeding and I am happy to say that I was able to smooth talk my way out of both tickets. 

Now if I could only figure out how to smooth talk Panamanian women like I can the police, all would be good in the world (insert smiley face).

Bridge of the Americas
This was a big moment for me as I was passing over the bridge that essentially links the North and South American continents. It really me made think about what a person is capable of accomplishing with a little bit of planning and guts. Hard to believe I have travelled over 16,000 km already and through 10 countries. I have also navigated 20 border crossings successfully ( 10 countries x 2 crossings per country) with so many more to come.

The city of Panama is referred to as Miami of the south due to its skyscrapers, fashion malls and modern vibe. 

Because of this I have decided to spend sometime here prior to my trip over to South America. I have prepared a shopping list of things I need and figure this would be the easiest place to find them.

My new home for the next two weeks

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