Friday, November 16, 2012

The Road to Boquete

As with all the Central American countries to date the road from Bocas del Toro to the mountain town of Boquete did not disappoint in the scenery department.

Not really sure of the name of this plant , but they could be seen throughout my drive to Boquete. They have a  beautiful colored leave that stands out amongst all the green foilage.

I just love the way they stack fruit in vehicles for transport. The truck would go along the road and make frequent stops where farmers would be waiting with bags of fruit for pickup. They look similar to a small orange, but the colours are far my varied.

One thing I have learnt in my travels is just because you are travelling on a paved highway do not lose focus! This two foot drop off was hidden behind a curve and could have easily taken me out. You will notice the growth of foliage in the road suggesting that this has been in need of repair for sometime. 

I found a great hostel in Boquete called Pension Topas owned by a 
 gentleman named Axel originally from Germany.  Axel himself was one of the original motorcycle world travellers with amazing stories from around the world.  I have nothing but admiration for Axel because he travelled on the classics bikes above. To do it during the times of no ATM's, internet or beefed up bikes deserves respect. 

Fellow adventure riders I ran into in Boquete. Mike on the left is from Vancouver, Canada and Bill is from Alaska, USA.

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