Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Hookers on wheels

Now there is no such thing as the celebration of Thanksgiving in Nicaragua, but it seems that on the same date as our Canadian Thanksgiving there was a festival going on in the public square for the locals of San Juan del Sur. So after Skyping with my family back home just before their big turkey dinner.  I realized I needed to go out and see if I could at least find myself a turkey burger to celebrate (I ended up having a burrito which I just imagined was a succulent juicy turkey drum stick).

So off I go to walk through the town in search of the ever elusive turkey burger. And as I am walking I here a female voice from behind me saying "hello hello". So I turn around and there on a bicycle is this attractive girl.

Now you have to understand that I have never been the object of attention for females, so you can imagine my surprise when I was actually getting attention from a female. Actually my love life has always reminded me of playing the game dodge ball as a kid. But this time only with women and I am the sole guy standing in the middle waiting to be annihilated.

So of course I am a little weary and as it turned out rightly so! After a brief polite conversation the topic went from "hello whats your name where you from etc..... to do you want sex".

Now I would not blog about this but for the unique reason that it happened to me again while walking home but from a different lady on a bike. But this one had it figured out as she had a little bell on her bike that she rang when behind you so you instinctively turn around to look.

It seems that the hookers down here have it figured out. Why stand on a corner and wait for the customers to find you when you can go out and find the customer.

You have to love the entrepreneurial spirit!

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