Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Day at the Beach

The reason I decided to stay in San Juan Del Sur was to see if I could improve my surfing skills (lets just say that I am glad there are hundreds of miles of surfing coast, because I am going to need it all to learn this sport). The sport beats the crap out of you when you are learning as you get tossed around and slammed by the waves like a little rag doll.

So I decided I needed to rest my battered body and have a beach day. So out came Fred after resting in the hotel lobby for four days. Fred seems to live the highlife as I pay all the bills and he just chills out in luxury. But that did not last long since in order to get to some of Nicaragua's beautiful beaches you need to take some of the nastiest roads. 

But if you are willing to drive these less than desirable roads you come upon amazing beaches like the ones bellow. I visited no less than three separate beaches that day and maybe saw a total of 40 people in all! 

Surfers beach Playa El Remanso

Surfers beach Madreas
Playa Maresalle

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