Thursday, September 6, 2012

Tikal Peten, GT

I usually like to keep my posts brief, as I know the majority of my readers have short attention spans like myself. So I will also try and put it in the best chronological order I can for the past two weeks.

Tucan in Tikal National Park

  • Laptop: No news to report other than I am waiting for insurance to receive my documentation for approval. And if you are ahead of the ball you will have figured out that since I am blogging again I must have purchased a new computer.
  • I finished my two week stint in Spanish school while in Flores and am now slightly better than a two year old in Spanish. I have realized my brain is extremely challenged when it comes too languages.
  • A must see while in Flores are the ruins of Tikal. They are by far the most impressive ruins I have seen so far. The ruins are nestled deep in the jungle of Guatemala and they are not even close to excavating half of the site

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