Friday, August 24, 2012

The laptop saga continues

Once you stay in a town for a while you start to be considered a local. I have been in Flores for 10 days now and am meeting more and more of the locals. Today I was told in ´´confidence´´ by a local that he was talking to the hotel owner who said she knows who stole my laptop. She said she strongly believes it was an ex employee of the hotel.

My confidant asked her why she has not told the police¿ (upside down question mark another joy of using a spanish compuer keyboard). Her response was it is way to dangerous as they would kill her. I swear you just can´t make this shit up.

Sounds like I may be able to write a suspense novel by the end of my trip. And as long as I do not become the victim in the novel.

Another spanish keyboard tidbit. Did you know in order to get the @ symbol you need to hit the ALT key + 64 or ALT  Q. The first time I must of spent 15 minutes trying to figure out how to get that symbol.

Things you learn on the road.................

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