Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Laptop Stolen

Just a quick headsup if wondering why the blog will be lacking pictures and posts for a while. I had my laptop stolen out of my hotel room on Monday. From what I am hearing after talking to variuos business owners it is a rampant problem in Gautemala (robberies). It is a problem for both the tourists and locals I have been told.

Trying to make a police report in a foreign language has become an education in pure patience for me. It has solidified even more why I need to continue with spanish school. I also now get to deal with an insurance company across the world trying to make a claim OH JOY OH JOY..............

I have asked the locals if they think the police will find my laptop and they laughed.They said if they do find it they will just keep it for themselves. SCREWED EITHER WAY .

Bottom line it is one of the risks of travel and I will deal with it..................time for another cervaza

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