Thursday, September 6, 2012

Slip sliding away

I will admit I was warned that in order to get to Semuc  Champey the road would be very steep and slippery and that I should think twice about going especially during the rainy season. But for some reason I have an attraction to beautiful watering holes in the middle of know where. If you saw my earlier video of the route taken to get to an infinity pool at the top of a mountain in Mexico. How could going down a jungle road with two overweighted bikes in the middle of the rainy season be any worse. And besides I have my new riding partner George to drag along with me.

One down

Two down
As you can see from the above pictures it was pretty much a skating rink and it took quite a bit of skill and concentration to keep the wheels down. But we did make it and once again it was worth the effort.
Semuc Champey is a series of aqua blue pools that cascade down the mountain into a river. You even get the added bonus of a pedicure at the same time while you stand in the pools as they are filled with little fish that are hell bent on cleaning your feet. I think you pay big bucks for this in Japan!

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