Friday, September 7, 2012

Bikes Rule

As great as riding a bike may be there has been one thorn in my side throughout the trip. And that is finding a place to stay for myself that also has secure parking for the motorcycle.

It becomes a challenge of patience as you drive blindly around a new city or town trying to find reasonably priced and habitable accommodations with secure parking. Finding secure parking can be a challenge since the majority of the towns and cities are early colonial and do not have proper parking. It is not unusual to find yourself removing the panniers of your bike so you can drive up a set of stairs or ramp to get the bike through the door and into the hotel lobby (in Central/South America bikes rule and you can pretty much drive and park where you want).

The below picture is of a hotel we finally found that could accommodate the bikes. What you don't see is no more than 10 feet away is a group of people praying in front of an alter. It seems this hotel also doubles as a church.

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