Sunday, July 29, 2012

So true

        Saw this sign on the wall at the hostel in Hopkins and laughed at how simple but true it is.

I made a bad decision of sorts when driving to Hopkins. I came to the literal fork in the road and had a choice to make: Option (A) continue on the nice paved highway or Option (B) take the road less travelled. Of course I chose the road less travelled otherwise it would not be called adventure riding right?

Lets just say the score now is Belize roads 4 Ryan 0. So far I have taken two spills lost a kickstand plate and cracked a pannier bracket. The road less travelled I found out was called the old highway and NO one drives it because of the extremely poor condition. Why would any sane person when you have a nice paved highway!
Fred stripped down prior to the welder

The road ended up being forty kilometres of mud, rocks, sand, potholes and water crossings. And because of this I needed to spend Friday stripping Fred of his luggage and tightening every bolt that was lose. Saturday was spent trying to find a welder in all the nearby towns.
All fixed up!

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