Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Change of Plan

First off I need to apologize for being so late in posting/updating my blog. I have had many friends and faithful followers over the years wonder what the hell happened to me! Considering my last post was when I was still in Singapore in January.

After leaving Singapore my plan was to hit Thailand before heading back to pick up Fred in Switzerland. Followed by my ride too Southern Europe crossing over into Morocco to tackle Africa.

Well a lot has changed since then. 
And the greatest thing about it is through my travels I have learnt I can make momentus changes at the drop of a hat and never look back.

So what has happened? Well first off the world is truly small......Who would of thought I would run into my friend and fellow world moto traveller Frankie in of all places Thailand. 

The last time I saw Frankie was two years prior as we crossed with our motorcycles on a sailboat from Central to South America. I also had the chance to meet his good friend Dinna who is also a avid world moto rider! 

After leaving Thailand it was time to be reunited with Fred once again. I cannot thank my good friend Georg  enough for storing Fred over the winter. You are a true friend and I look forward to hearing about you adventures in Iceland.

Ok so here is where the plans changed. As mentioned prior I was to be heading south from Switzerland towards Morocco. But while at Georgs' I realized I could no longer put off the hand surgery I badly needed, especially if I wanted to tackle the challenging off road found in Morocco.

It seems I have something called trigger finger and I can no longer bend my pinky back. Eventually it will close-in completely. Not the greatest thing to have when you need all the dexterity you can muster for riding off road. 
So I made a last minute decision that I would head back to Canada for surgery via France.

Now I also had another big decision to make........What would I do with Fed and what about Africa?

Remember earlier I said change is easy. So I did exactly that...... not only did I decide to come back home for surgery but I would also be shipping Fred home! 

Canada customs arrival after leaving 4 years ago.
Winnipeg, Manitoba

But what about Africa and the rest of my adventure? After 4 years around the world two things have become apparent for me. I run toward change not away from it and I have been bittern by the adventure bug. 

And what may the next adventure be! Well I have deiced to go around the world a second time from Canada too Alaska crossing over into Russia then heading south through Mongolia and Central Asia eventually landing in Africa.

But this next time is with an added twist. 
Meet my next round the world adventure vehicle.

I haven't given him a name yet but it will come to me when I least expect it. 
So here I will sit for the next few years saving and prepping for a whole new round the world experience waiting for more life altering experiences.

To all my friends and followers over the years. 
All I have to say is just do it!
As the Amex commercials say "it is priceless"

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