Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Singapore Part 2

If you have not been to Singapore you may be unaware that the city is actually growing in size. This is directly attributed to the building out of the land and Islands. A prime example is the island of Sentosa which has been expanded and developed.

A view of Sentosa Island from the mainland.

There are a few ways to get to the Island. You can drive, take the mono rail or the tram. All forms will take you pass the Port of Singapore.

The island is a mixed bag of tricks. You can find some very nice beaches to relax on. But it is clear the main reason this island was developed was as an entertainment destination.

You can't get much more tacky tourist the Universal Studios. A casino, waterpark, aquarium and numerous westerns type restaurants are scattered throughout.

Found my Chinese calendar sign. 
It is pretty positive and accurate and outlines how well I will do in particular areas of my life. And true to form I fail in the romance category. Hell I did not need any astrological sign or calendar to tell me that lol.

After a day of walking a couple thousand kilometres (felt like that) it was time to walk down to Clarke Quay for dinner.

The area is filled with restaurants and bars both along the waterfront and under a covered  entertainment complex

Specialty of the night it seems is seafood. I was quite curious about the Canadian Geoduck Clam as I had never heard of or seen one before.

You will see these signs throughout the city in various forms. It shows how important English is to the forward progress of Singapore. Singapore is a major financial and transportation hub and English is the international business language. The government is trying very hard to eliminate what they call Singlish and get people to talk proper English.

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