Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Just Random Stuff

Well since I have decided to sit still for a while. I thought I would post some of the things I see on a daily basis that makes me go hmmmmm?

This is a restaurant on Alona Beach. It is clear that the owner chose the wrong name when he decided to build years ago.

Now I understand it is costly to change the name of your business. But seriously should you be making shirts for your staff that read I love ISIS! 
Talk about being out of touch from the world.

Just one of the many nightly visitors I get (Praying Mantas). 
Welcome to the tropics.

Here I am getting a puncture fixed at a local Vulcanizer. I love the ingenuity of developing countries. Why remove the whole tire to fix the puncture......Just pull the tube out while still attached.

Apply patch with adhesive and press with heated iron contraption and let sit until cool down.

Had to buy this for the pure sake of curiosity. Tooth paste in pouches rather than a tube.

One of my not so good purchases while try to cook at home.

A couple of pics of my home away from home at the moment in the Philippines. A traditional Philippine style house called a Nipa Hut. 
Of course with some Western upgrades.

Look mom....... I made my bed 

My outdoor kitchen

View from my front door during a tropical rain storm.

And of course no Nipa Hut is complete without your very own guard dog. Meet the fearsome Yogi! Protecter of the community.

And finally a few shots of my local swimming hole.
Alona Beach on the Island of Pangloa.

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