Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Chocolate Hills (Bohol)

Another must see visit when in Bohol are the chocolate mountains.

They are named so from the brown colour they take on when the dry season hits. But as you can see they are still al lush green being part of the rainy season at the moment.

My latest ride is a Honda Beat. Here seen on the man made forest? Yup, not really sure what that is but a sign indicated i was entering the man made forest. 

Once you start to enter the centre of the Island which is more tropical you start to see the rice fields. 

These may look like homes but it is actually a cemetery. I have seen this in other countries as well where the graves are above ground and on a hill. This is due to the high water levels during the monsoon season. All graves would float to the surface if buried.

Just so flora on route.

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