Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Germany (Country #50)

Showing off my new helmet in front of the border crossing sign from Czech to Germany.

Once again taking a little road and avoiding the main autobahns brings surprisingly beautiful scenery.

I loved this road with the heavy tree cover. I just sat there for a while and listened to the peace of the forest. 
And of course my favourite smell Pine trees.

Most adventure riders will know this name. I just by pure chance ended up riding through the town of Heideneau and stumbled across their tire factory. Even though they are no longer my go to adventure tire (I am now a Mitas E-07 guy) I thought it was worth a picture.

Well the shopping spree of August continues. My original waterproof bag after three years in harsh sun was no longer 100% waterproof. Direct sun is not the greatest for rubber so I had to purchase a new bag (yellow). 
Found this at a great motorcycle chain in Germany called Polo Moto. They have everything a rider could want and the prices were very reasonable.

The wall in its original state

There was only one reason I went to Berlin and that was to see the wall. It is one of those must see things as a traveller. It is such a significant piece of history that I did not want to miss it. I can see great architecture any day in any city but there is only one Berlin wall.

This section of wall was preserved for artist to share there craft.

The sign and original border crossing between the East and West.

Everyone has heard of the famous Checkpoint Charlie. This is the original booth manned by the americans you passed when leaving the West.

Just a bridge

Downtown Berlin river walk. 

That is it for now on Germany but more to come when I re-enter the country but until then I am off to the Netherlands.

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