Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Czech Republic (country #49)

Welcome to the Czech Republic!

Now as much as I dislike the Schengen Visa rule for the limited amount of days (90) allowed to stay in their 26 countries. 
I sure like not having to bother with border crossings. This is just another empty border crossing building that used to house customs and immigration.

Before I go into the sites of Prague I have some shitty news. 
It seems once again some low life has stolen something from me. It seems to be an annual occurrence for me.
Year 1 it was a computer in my room in Guatemala; 
Year 2 money from my room in Malaysia 
Year 3 my helmet in Prague.

This time it happened right in the hotel parking lot where my helmet was secured with a lock and cable to my bike. You think this might happen if I left it like that over night. But no this happened a 6pm as I was able to deduce from the video surveillance camera footage. The little shit really wanted my helmet as he brought cable cutters with him.

Interesting how the one constant is the thefts always take place in a hotel.

Ok, enough of that on too the sites of Prague.

I was told Prague was a must see city like Budapest. 

It seems they were correct as it was beautiful.

You can always tell the popular cities in Europe by the sheer number of tourists.

All the walking around made me hungry. 
Time for a spicy Old Prague sausage with sauerkraut of course.

Changing of the guard at the palace.

Found this cool shop that sold enamel plates of all the motorcycle companies.

Note the crowds again!

Parliament building 

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