Monday, June 8, 2015

Why drive when you can float

There is nothing like waking up with a planned direction. Then midway completely changing your mind on a whim of where you are going to go.

I was planning to head down the Komani lake reservoir from the town of Fierza to Koman and from there head north to Montenegro. But halfway there I decided to completely reverse the route and go to Kosovo instead. So off I headed in search of the start of the journey in the town of Koman. After 30 plus kilometres of gravel road you finally come across this tunnel. I actually stopped prior to entering because it just did not look like you were allowed to drive through.

But this is what you come out to on the other side. This was my view from my room for the night and another first. As I have never stayed on a damn for accommodations before. 

When I woke up the following morning all hell broke loose and the little tiny parking area was jammed with vehicles waiting to be loaded onto the ferries.

Locals were also coming into town. 
One local even brought there cow and its calf along for the ride.

Fred was first to be loaded for the three hour journey.

Spectacular views along the way.

It seems no matter how desolate you may think an area may be, it is always someones home.

The majority of the people were heading to the mountain area of Valbone while I was off to find the tiny border crossing into Kosovo.

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