Monday, June 8, 2015

Kosovo (Country #34)

It seems strange to enter a country in which you can still remember the vivid images of a war being plastered all over the news channels.  As usual I did no research other than where are the main sites and cities to visit. So, what would I see? Has the country bounced back or would I still see bombed out buildings.

This sign in their capital of Pristina aptly describes what you see in the country itself. And all you need to do is talk to a few people and you will gain the sense of pride afflicting the people within the country.

Everywhere you look new buildings are being erected while people sit and drink coffee and chat among friends.

As you walk around you get a sense admiration for a country too bounce back after horrific times. You can also see the admiration they have for the intervention of the USA/Nato. USA flags are sold everywhere and you will find streets like Bill Clinton Boulevard.

Myself I preferred the second largest city called Prizren over the capital as it was within the hills with a beautiful old historic neighbourhood. But due too camera issue I lost those photos so will only be able to post pictures of the capital.

Something that has really not hit me until now though and will take some getting used to. Is the size of some of these countries. It is so easy to pass through these countries not in a matter of days but actual hours if need be.

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