Saturday, June 13, 2015

Bulgaria (Country #36)

Well I accomplished another first by spending the night in a bus shelter. As I was riding through the mountains of Bulgaria I became trapped in a horrible rain storm. Thankfully I came across this shelter which was perfect to keep myself and Fred dry. 
Some may see this as a bad situation but I know adventure riders see this a blessing from above. 
I have food, I am dry what more could I need.......

The scenery of Bulgaria has it all.  
I am so looking for riding through this country and the nature it offers. The hillsides are just thick with forest. It is something you don't get too see as much of these days due to logging.

Well along with the landscape the city of Plovdiv is now on my list as one of my favourite cities.

A shot over looking the old city from the ruins on one of three hills within the city.

The ancient theatre which they still hold events. 
It would be great to see a concert from here.

Walking through the old city.

The reason I give top marks to Plovdiv is in the way they were able to mix the old with the new. There was actually some very good civil planning here. The above photo shows how they incorporated the old with the new by building on top of the ancient stadium.

Part of the walking street district which is lined with shops and cafes.

You will also find many parks within the city.

I finally know what my future holds after I am done riding around the world. How much better can it get than hanging with the boys in the park and playing chess. Even though i have no clue how to play the game.

Just when I think I am nearly done seeing the world I come across a sign like this. Seems I may have a few miles yet to go.
Also hit another milestone the other day without even knowing. It seems I passed the 100,000 km mark on Fred!

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