Monday, April 13, 2015

Turkey (Country #31) Istanbul

They must have filmed the movie the Hobbit in Turkey. Because I am quite sure I found where they live. 

Entrance door

I booked this apartment online for two nights but did not see the fine print stating that the ceilings were only 1.65 meters high!

I am so happy I have a sense of humour and enjoy the randomness of my travels.  

Once I saw the place I could not resist staying just for the pure quirkiness of it. And I only hit my head a dozen times. 
Not too much too damage in there so not an issue.

The Bosphorus

Turkey and the city of Istanbul itself is actually split into two parts separated by the Bosphorus. The west side is considered the European side while the east is part of Asia.

Looking over to the Asia side

The Blue Mosque

The old part of Istanbul which is on the European side is called Sultanahmet. The central park area is called the Hippodrome and includes such attractions as the Blue Mosque


and the (church of Holy Wisdom) Aya Sofya. 

Also nearby is the Topkapi Palace and its beautiful park like grounds. After being in India for 3 months a stroll through the park with it's beautiful colours and cleanliness was a breath of fresh air.

Spring is Tulip time and they are in abundance in Turkey

The sign in the above picture explains all.

A night out with friends in Istanbul

Raki the drink of Turkey

Takism area and it main shopping street

A lazy Sunday fishing off the bridge

If you are looking to enjoy a fish sandwich the place to get them is at the docks off these boats. They cook them directly on the boat and then pass them on land where you can sit and enjoy.

Istanbul Spice Market

Shopping bazar for all your needs. 
You just need to be able to handle the crowds

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