Sunday, April 5, 2015

Bye Bye India

Even with the best laid plans things just seem to take a life of there own. 
It seems that there was an unknown force that just wanted to keep me from getting to Central Asia. 

Option one was to go with a group through Tibet to the Stans of Russia. That fell apart due to the various timing schedules of the members. 

Option two was to drive through Pakistan and Iran with an American rider. Due to regulation changes Canadians are now required to use a guide when crossing Iran. So the more people to share the extortionist cost the better. Well the Iran thing fell apart after my fellow rider was hit by a truck in northern India breaking his leg and damaging his motorcycle.

So this left me looking for alternate options as I need to be out of India before my visa expires. 
So what is option three? I am now off to Turkey and will have to figure another time to hit Central Asia.

The way I see it no matter where I go it is somewhere I have not been before and therefore will be a great experience.

Fred being crated for the voyage across the high seas.

Final crate inspection then off to the customs warehouse.

Need to remember to buy a hammer when I get to Turkey so I can get Fred out of that damn crate.

See you in Turkey my friend!

It looks like I will be a typical backpacker for a month in Turkey while I await the arrival of Fred. How bad can it be hanging around for a month eating Kabobs, Turkish Delight and drinking strong Turkish coffee mmmmmmmm.

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