Friday, February 13, 2015

Things just seem to work

After leaving Diampur I decided to cut across to Silchar on my way to Shillong the following day. Now I have this beautiful map of India and a GPS which shows all these HIGHWAYS  going in every direction. So I decided to take one of these HIGHWAYS  to Silchar. Well a long story short it ended up being another 200 km (7hrs) of off-road/destroyed road/construction. The above pictures shows the best conditions I found in the 200km.

When I finally made it to Silchar I was completey exhausted. But I decided I should stop for fuel first prior to looking for a hotel. It was then that a local rider pulled up on his Royal Enfield and asked if he could take a photo of Fred. 

Now the next challenge was to find a hotel. And this is no small feat I am finding out in India as there are many hotels but not many with secure parking. This is where my new friend and fellow rider PaSiem stepped in. He said I will take you to a hotel just follow me.

Well the first place had no parking (no surprise) so PaSiem suggested to follow him to a place he new had secure parking and would be quieter. 
Welcome to my first ever stay at a missionary compound!

PaSiem proceeded to talk to the owner and in no time I had a great room for the night for only 300 Rupee. He does not know how much this helped since the worst part of any day for me is trying to find a place to stay. I am usually tired and hungry and hate driving around looking for a suitable place. So thanks PaSiem you were my saviour that day.

The following day on my way to Shillong i passed some great scenery. The above photo is a Tea plantation

I also suddenly came across the bluest water I have seen to date. You would almost think this was photo shopped to make it so blue but it is all au natural.

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