Monday, February 16, 2015

The Living Root Bridges of Cherrapunji

Top of the valley of Cherrapunji

I remember a long time ago seeing a documentary on this place where the native villagers created bridges from the roots of trees. Never did I expect that I would come across it in India.......for all I new it was in some other remote place on the planet.

And Northeastern India is remote since it only recently opened up to tourist (including nationals) in the past few years. Prior to this the area required numerous permits ( very hard to get) to enter the area. So to say I am lucky to be here is an understatement. As in my previous blog post there is still fighting here so it has a long way to go but moving forward all the same.

The first stage to getting to the remote root brides is by driving halfway down into the valley. The rest of the way is by foot on a very steep 10km round trip trek.

Get ready for this! The trek into the valley has no less that 3400 (round trip) stairs that need to be descended then ascended on the return. I read that there are about 12 stairs to a floor so this would be equivalent to going down then up 141 floor building. This does not account for all the trail in between the stairs that needs to be navigated.

Now I am not afraid to tell you that my calves were burning for two days after the trek. And yet the local villagers climb these stairs every day with 40kg packs of bay leaves! Sometimes twice a day....

Was it worth bet yeah. 

The area was beautiful and i was awed by how they accomplished this.

The place bamboo or even stones and mud on the base to create the walking path.

The famous double decker bridge.

The bridges are made over generations and are used to cross the mountain rivers during monsoon season.

Strong enough to hold me lol.

The guide the roots across with sticks or hollowed bamboo trees over the years.

I heard if you pushed pass the normal path a few kilometres you would discover the pools. It is an amazing experience to be all alone sitting and taking in the beauty of the place.
Tranquility does not even describe what you feel.

Damn this is where the burn starts to come in. What comes down must go sure there isn't a hidden elevator?

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