Saturday, January 10, 2015

It's been a while

Wow, I am finally back in S.E Asia and ready to roll once again.
When I arrived I was unaware that the majority of Thai's leave BKK for two weeks and go on vacation. It was amazing how quite Bangkok was with a lot of the shops closed.

So once the dealership opened again I had them throw on a new chain and sprocket (the least I could do for them storing my bike 4 months) and prepared to head north to Ching Mai.

 I also brought with me new helmet, set of tires and a new jacket to kick off the second half of the world!
Nothing like adding a little more wait to carry around.

Also when you tend to wear the same thing everyday for two plus years, your gear starts too wear and give off a little bit of odour lets just say.

I chose too return to chaing Mai for two reasons. First it brings me closer to where I will be crossing over into Mynamar. And second there was a Horizons Unlimited riders meeting being held there. 

I have tried since I left to attend a meeting in one country or another but my timing just never worked until now. The point of the meetings is to give you a chance to meet other world riders and exchange info and stories. My table alone had riders from Istanbul the UK, USA, France and Germany.

Attending the meeting also really paid off for me since I won a free voucher to go zip lining in the rain forest with Fight of the Gibbons! 

Nine more sleeps and I will be writing to you from Myanmar and back to some consitent riding and blogging.

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