Friday, January 23, 2015

Country # 28 Myanmar (Formerly Burma)

Because I am travelling with a vehicle and Myanmar only recently opened their borders to foreign vehicles. I not only have to have a guide for my journey through this country. But also a government official (in his own car with driver) to arrange, lead and get permission  to let us through all the borders of each state. 
Without this we would not be allowed to pass through the country.
Now because of all these extra guides and vehicles which you need to cover the costs for. It is better to try and find other individuals crossing to help share the guide fees. 

The Mitchell family and our guide Mr. Myat
 Through Horizons Unlimited and I was able to connect with The Mitchell family from Australia and we started planning our crossing 4 months prior. They are on a 9 month journey which will see them end in Europe where they will then ship their vehicle back home.

Our convoy
Arrangements were made prior for our guide Mr. Myatt and the government official Mr. Htoo to meet us at the Mae Sot/Myawaddy border crossing.  
Their they would have all documents and permissions ready. 

Day 1 of our adventure saw us cross the border and spend the rest of the day walking around Myawaddy. 

Dinner for two
This was your typical dusty border town consisting of high noise levels and a constant hustle.

Betel Leaf and Nuts

The most common method of using betel nut is to slice it into thin strips and roll it in a betel leaf with slaked lime (powder), tobacco or crushed seashells. This leaf package is known as a betel quid, betel chew.The effects of betel nut are not fully understood. However, people who have used the drug have reported the following effects: Mild euphoria and feelings of wellbeing Feeling alert Fast heart rate and palpitations High blood pressure Red face.

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