Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Killing Fields

Even though some prisoners died during there interrogations at the S21 prison discussed in the previous blog. The majority were shipped to what is now know as the killing fields.

A marker for one of the numerous mass graves that was discovered on the site.

The prisoners were killed the day they arrived or at least no later than the following day.

More of the mass graves scattered around the site. The method of execution was quite barbaric since the  Khmer Rouge did not want to waste precious bullets. They would have the victim kneel in front of the hole and then use shovels, bamboo sticks, hoes, machettes to kill the prisoner. 

Reminders still to this day of the atrocities that occurred here.

This is by far the most disturbing thing I have seen in my travels. This tree sits next to a mass grave where they would take children and babies and smash there heads against the tree to kill them. The tree is now full of prayer bracelets that people have bought in remembrance and respect to the children.

Just some of the bones of the many deceased on display as a reminder 

Even though we have not had a genocide of late. It seems man has not learnt its lesson in regards to killing it's own. As I sit here in South East Asia I watch the news regarding Russia and Ukraine and the Israel and Hamas conflicts. 
It is hard to believe that we are supposed to be the intelligent life form.

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