Monday, August 4, 2014

Mans inhumanity to man

Since I have to spend two weeks in Phnom Penh waiting for various visas I thought I would hit some of the various sites.  And I will have to admit that what I saw below definitely stirred uncomfortable feelings in me. I cannot comprehend how it is possible for a human being to do anything like this.

This former school was turned into security office 21 during the Khmer Rouge regime. It was designed for detention, interrogation, inhuman torture, and killing after confession from the detainees.

The horrific leader Pol Pot

The former class rooms were turned into torture chambers. 

rule # 6 struck me as most bizarre

One of the many torture chambers.

A few of the last 14 victims. what made the regime even more bizarre is that they documented everything. Photos and complete records of height, weight etc of the victims.

Just some of the devices used for torture.

More innocent victims. Victims consisted of women, men and children. Non were sparred and it is estimated 20,000 came through these gates. 

Once a "forced" confession was obtained they would be sent of to the killing fields for execution. 

A typical cell holding a prisoner prior to torture.

These were the shackles used

Photo showing the shackles being used on a prisoner.

The bodies of the last 14 victims discovered are buried on site in respect. 
It is sad to say that this was not the only genocide in history, but lets hope it is the last.

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