Saturday, May 31, 2014

FUCK YOU Malaysia

Thats it I am so fucking tired of having things stolen from me in my hotels. Just because we come from a Western country everyone thinks we have lots of money. I have had a laptop stolen from my room in Guatemala and now my emergency American cash from my room in Penang.

Well FUCK YOU foreign countries I worked very hard for my money and our countries are very expensive to live in so it may seem we have a lot more but things are relative.

 I am tired of you trying to rip tourists off at every opportunity. IF you are not trying to charge us double or more for food, booze, hotels, transportation or anything else we buy you are not happy. Even the governments are bullshitIt when we pay 4 to 5 times as much as a local to see a tourist attraction.

As  President Obama put it in his recent visit "your country will start to progress when you treat everyone the same".

Well FUCK YOU we do not treat our visitors from a foreign country like that. But I feel like calling my Tourism Minister back home and telling them to FUCK every tourist over that comes to our country because it is the norm in others.

I had planned to spend three months in Malaysia touring the country and spending tourist dollars. And spreading the word through my blog with pictures. Well FUCK YOU there will be no posts or pics of the country. I am out of here in a day as soon as I get my visa for Thailand.

And yes they will try and fuck me over as well, but I am completely tired of trusting people.

Those days are over!

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