Monday, March 17, 2014

Timor-Leste Time

Oh where Oh where are you Fred
I guess the best way NOT to start off the next continent is with an email from the shipping company. The ship will now not be leaving Darwin until the 22nd of March instead of the 11th as originally proposed. 
The way I see it is shit happens and I will just get to know the capital Dili that much more. This will also give me the time I need to arrange a Visa for Indonesia at the local embassy in town. Seems like I am always arranging some sort of document.

But first things first a little about Timor-Leste. As it seems a lot of people do not even know about this country. It is actually quite understandable since they only gained there independence as a country in May 2002. 

Quick Facts: 
  • Currency US Dollar
  • Population 1 Million
  • Official languages Tatum and Portuguese plus 32 different local languages
  • Located 640km Northwest of Darwin, Australia
  • Day temperatures 30-35 degrees year round

I will admit that even though I was in a developed country (Australia) for only four months. I did forget how drastic the change can be in a developing country. Once again I am starting at square one and need to point or use hand gestures for the things I want. 

Crushing cans for recycle

View from the waterfront of Dili

Government Building

 The best way to meet locals is by walking through their neighbourhoods. It met different groups of adults and children along the way. They all were curious and excited to here I was from Canada. One child even said thank you for visiting and come back tomorrow.

Lunch for $2.50

My senses are alive with new sites, smells and of course the ever present noise pollution found in a developing country.

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  1. Hi Ryan.
    I'm flying to dili on the 26th to meet my bike then head west to UK. I think our bikes are on the same boat, if not, then theres another triumph cruising round. I'll probably stay at the east timor backpackers. My emial is if you want to meet up.