Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Final Road

Zooming out on my GPS gives me the reality of what I have actually achieved.
It seems every once in a while I need this reality check. A friend told me the other day as have many others, that I am living the dream travelling the world. 
This statement always felt out of place to me. I have always pondered why until I finally realized that everyone else's dream is now my everyday reality. And I must not lose focus on this fact and appreciate what I have accomplished and what challenges are yet to come.

Well as always plans seem to change at an instant. While in Cairns I found out that the boat Fred was to be shipped on from Darwin to Timor was cancelled. But if I drove hard to Darwin I could make an earlier shipping. So now all I needed to do was figure the best route through flooded and closed backroads and highways. 

Every guys dream on a motorcycle or in a  sports car.
The challenge was the 2500 km I needed to cover. But with a posted speed limit in the Northern Territory of 130kph it helped. 

floods, floods floods.......There were a lot of backroads I wanted to travel but the rainy season put an end to that idea.

Another first for accommodations. As mentioned earlier my camping days are over due to the rainy season. So I came across this place for the night.

Bed, Aircon, fridge, shower and toilet. Don't need muh more

Dropping Fred off at Toll shipping in Darwin to be placed in a container and loaded on a ship. The process was easy with a quick stop off first to Australian customs to get my carnet stamped. Then off to the port to process the bike. I myself will fly and catch up with Fred on the other side in Dili, East Timor.

I can hardly believe that I will be hitting my 22nd country and fourth continent already! 

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