Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Great Ocean Road (Victoria/South Australia)

First off apologies for falling behind on the blog, so this will be a long one to make up for time past. With the majority of my time spent camping good internet has been hard to come by.

I finally left the Melbourne area and decided to take the ferry from Sorrento to Queenscliff to avoid passing through Melbourne on a Friday afternoon. This would also place me right at the start of the famous great ocean road.

For simplicity sake you can say the road runs from Melbourne to Adelaide. And as expected the views did not disappoint.

Someone decided their view of the ocean was not good enough so why not build on a tower!

I spent my first night in a campground in the town of Lorne and I had no shortage of friends who wanted to share my lunch. Back home we have seagulls begging for scraps of food and here they have cockatoos everywhere. These guys were far from shy and who am I not to share.

The next morning I had this guy who was insistent on visiting me in my tent. Thankfully I had some leftover peanuts to share with him.

If you are visiting Australia the only way to see it is via renting a Caravan. The country is just to large  to see any other way and there is a style and price to fit everyones budget.

Here is a visitors tip! 
Don't bother paying like I did previously on Phillips Island to see these guys. All you need to do is drive down the road to the Cape Otway Lighthouse and you will see all kinds. The trees along the road are filled with them in their natural habitat. If you are driving the Great Ocean road you will have to pass by the turn off anyway.

Damn cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would have to say probably the most stunning sites along the Great Ocean Road.

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