Friday, December 13, 2013

Phillip Island

I have decided to bide my time on Phillip Island while I wait for my new passport to be delivered. I needed an address for it to be delivered so am forced to sit still for a week.

While on the Island there is no shortage of things to do for a few days on. It is home to the famous Penguin walk and the Australian Grand Prix and Moto GP. 
Unfortunately I missed the races back in October

A drive along the coast of Phillip Island brings you to the view point called the Nobbies

It is home to thousands of nesting birds.

I also recommend a walk through the Koala conservation park. 

Easy to spot the fuzzy guys just chilling.

If you are quite you can also get a look at some Wallabies. Smaller cousins to the Big Reds (Kangaroo) which I expect to see on my way west.

Easy to find these guys around. The Cape Barren goose. I should have got a shot from the front as they have a nice lime green bill.

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