Thursday, November 21, 2013

Australia here I come!

Everything is lined up and ready to go. Carnet for Fred (stupidly expense as any traveller would know), Australian Visa for myself . 
Just need to pack myself and Fred.

Take note how clean and shinny Fred is. The bike has not been this clean for two years. The reason for the extreme clean is due to Australia's quarintine system. The bike cannot have any dirt, bugs or foreign soil or it will fail inspection. If this happens it is very expensive to get cleaned by the quarantine people or they can refuse entry into the country all together.

Brought Fred to the airport Cargo and started the disassemble process to make it as small as possible. This helps to keep the cubic volume cost down when shipping. Fred can't complain that I don't treat him well, as he has a more direct flight to Australia then I do. 
What's up with that?

The process was easy thanks to Sandra and Javier at Dakar Motos. They have the system nailed down pat. 

Basic steps

1) Go to airport cargo (GPS coordinates provided) wait for Franco to let you through the gates
2) Drive into the cargo building and onto the scale to have the bike weighed
3) Drive to the packing area where they have a skid waiting and ready to drive up
4) Start the disassembly process (no lack of people to help if you need)
5) Forklift comes picks up the bike and puts it through the giant scanner for customs inspection
6) Bike comes back> finish banding the bike down and shrink wrap
7) Head too the mini bus to take you back downtown

All about a 4 hour process from the time you leave to finishing at the airport.
Fred all ready to go! 
Now all I need to do is start practicing my Australian

My fellow Canadians friends from Quebec. 
Yanick and Marie drove down from Canada to South America and will be leaving for South Africa a week after myself. 

Gracias Latin America it has been fun! But it is now time to go to places with names like Wagga Wagga and Toowoomba.


  1. I'll like to fallow you on the same road ...but firts Alaska. Safe trip my friend

  2. Thanks my friend. Been following you on Facebook looks like all is well and you are enjoying the experience. Just may be back one day to Colombia.....never say never. Travel safe