Sunday, July 21, 2013

Bolivian Hospitality Rules

Another week has passed in Bolivia and the events and hospitality have not stopped. I can thank much of this to my friend Cristian (blue shirt in the photo below). Cristian has kept me active day and night by introducing me to his friends and the happening places in the city.

Above we are enjoying dinner at a local restaurant with a friend of Cristian and another Triumph rider David (red shirt). David is from Guatemala and is riding to Brazil where I will run into him again before he flies back home. 

Saturday night out at a local discotheque. Adjusting too how late things get going in South America has been a bit of a challenge.  You do not even consider going out to a bar until at least 11 or 12 o'clock at night. I hear Argentina is even a later start!

Cristian, David and I out on Sunday night at a different venue. 

After a very busy weekend I needed some rest. Cristian dropped me off for the afternoon at the Biocentre Guembe. It is a nature reserve located ten minutes outside of Santa Cruz. 

It contains various swimming pools throughout with natural sand bottoms. 

You can also find a restaurant, pool side bar and lots of wildlife.

All you need to do is take a stroll through the nature trails and you will get some great pictures.

Friday night dinner at a local Bolivian restaurant.
I have not taken any food porn pictures in a while but thought this food was deserving.

Plate #1 is melted cheese over potatoes and Bolivian corn. 
Very tasty

Plate #2 is boiled pork skin lying on top of what we would call back home pork chops. I love deep fried pork skin, but the boiled version was not to my likeing. The meat itself though was exceptional.

The plates are meant to be shared between friends so you just take what you want.

Once again about the hospitality I have been shown. Eduardo bought himself a new toy and invited me out to the dunes for its maiden voyage.

Now going off roading back home is a far more intensive process. It usually involves loading your toy on a trailer or truck and heading out. But here all you do is jump in your toy and drive through the city to your destination. 

Life is so much simpler!

Yup, I even got to drive. This was the first time I ever drove a side by side and of course it was great! Especially since it was a Canadian made product. 

Other events for the week consisted of attending the unveiling of the 2014 Ducati motorcycles at the local dealership. A wine and cheese festival a Reggae Tone concert in their football stadium and last but not least Salsa lessons. 

Due to my poor performance on the dance floor. It was recommended that I take some Salsa lessons ASAP. What can I say other than I lack the sensual rhythm ingrained in the genetics of the people of Latin America.

Look up white guys can't dance in the dictionary and you will see a picture of me

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